F.C.Flick Foundation

The Foundation was founded in September 2001 by Dr. Friedrich Christian Flick. In remembrance of the victims and survivors of the Nazi rule of terror, whose human rights were violated and who suffered grave injustices, the founder acknowledges the historical and social responsibility arising from this injustice and has committed himself to the work of reconciliation.

The Foundation’s goal is to help prevent such atrocities from happening again, to contribute to creating a foundation for a peaceful and tolerant coexistence of all segments of the population, and to support the struggle against xenophobia and racism. Since its inception, the Foundation has supported over 150 projects as well as initiated seven of its own.

The mission of the Friedrich Christian Flick Foundation against Xenophobia, Racism, and Intolerance is to promote an international ethos, tolerance in all areas of culture, understanding among the world’s peoples, and in this way to actively oppose right-wing extremism and youth violence. The Foundation primarily supports projects in the former GDR and in Berlin that are aimed at youth, from pre-schoolers to young people in their early twenties.